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Can the US prevent China from becoming the world''s largest economy within the next 50 years?



Yao Zhan, Trader at Index Trading
upxed Mar 3 · Upvoted by Chester Tze, studied Idiocracy at The United States of America (2020)
Sure. Just fix these following problems.
Fix the Obesity problem. 40% of Americans are obese. Look around you. How do you expect to “prevent China…” when you have difficulty tying your shoelaces?
An unhealthy population is a huge drain on the economy and places a heavy burden on the health system. It is estimated that 70% of American youth can’t even meet US Army standards because they are so overweight. Eating junk food on a regular basis also makes you unable to think clearly and work effectively. A diet high in sugar causes ADD. Do Americans know that French fries is not a healthy vegetable choice? It is no surprise that the top fast food companies are American - McDonalds, KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Dunkin Donuts, etc.. They are spending a ton of cash to convince you to consume their unhealthy food. Get Americans to commit to regular daily exercise and a healthier diet: eat more vegetables which is the diet of many Chinese people. Consider eating tofu instead of cheese. Reduce your sugar intake. Chinese people eat less meat and more vegetables. So how about reducing your intake of processed meat and eat more vegetables; its healthier for you America. To achieve this, among many other things, you have to design your cities and town to make them more pedestrian friendly, and to start teaching your children from an early age the difference between healthy food vs junk food.
You are what you eat. Remember that. It even affects how you think and behave.

Yao Zhan, 指數交易交易員

1. 解決肥胖問題,40%的美國人肥胖?纯茨愕闹車,當你連系鞋帶有困難時,你怎么能“阻止中國”?

2. 不健康的人口是經濟的巨大負擔,也是衛生系統的沉重負擔。據估計,70%的美國年輕人甚至不能達到美國軍隊的標準,因為他們太胖了。經常吃垃圾食品也會讓你無法清晰地思考和有效地工作。高糖飲食會導致ADD(注意缺陷障礙)。美國人知道薯條不是健康的蔬菜嗎?毫無疑問,名列前茅的快餐公司是美國的麥當勞、肯德基、漢堡王、可口可樂、百事可樂、唐恩都樂等。他們花了一大筆錢來說服你吃他們的不健康食品。



Healthcare. It should be obvious to all even if you are deaf and blind, America’s healthcare system has serious problems. You are spending more on health cost than other developed nations for no additional benefit. Simple procedures and essential medicine cost hundreds of dollars more than in other developed nations. Insulin for example cost much more in America than other parts of the world.
More than a third of healthcare cost goes to pay for “administration”. More than a third of U.S. healthcare costs go to bureaucracy. Meanwhile pharmaceutical and insurance companies are giving substantial funds to politicians to keep the flawed system in place and their profits high and also spending money to deceive you of better alternatives. This should really make you angry if you are an American. Education. For example, according to some estimates, America scores much lower in math than China and many other East Asian nations among other things. Can you improve your math levels? In China, kids are willing to scale mountains to get to school to get an education. Meanwhile in America you have discipline and truancy problems in your public schools not to mention fears of gun violence. Teachers in China are highly respected too. Is it the same in America? How’s discipline in schools going in America? Can your public school system be improved? This is a complex issue that requires both Republicans and Democrats to work it out together; both parties share some blame for this. Ted Kord''s answer to What is causing the teacher shortage in the United States? How can it be fixed?


5. 超過三分之一的醫療成本用于“管理”——美國超過三分之一的醫療成本流向了官僚機構。與此同時,制藥和保險公司向政客們提供大量資金,以維持有缺陷的制度,使他們的利潤保持在高位,同時還花錢欺騙你,讓你選擇更好的替代方案。如果你是美國人,這真的會讓你很生氣。


Crime. US ranks the highest in the developed world for gun related violence and mass shootings. The current US President’s solution is to get kindergarten teachers to pack heat aka carry a gun, maybe an assault rifle. This might make sense in Afghanistan but you are suppose to be a 1st world nation. Its hard to learn the 3-Rs when you are worried you will get shot to death. America is suppose to be a civilised developed 1st world nation and yet not a year goes by without an awful mass shooting. The number of guns in America in private ownership, legal or not, make it unique among all the other 1st world nations. Is sensible gun reform not possible in America? America is ranked No. 1 for gun related deaths in the Developed world. As of now 1st March, there have been over 6457 deaths from gun violence in America just this year 2020, two months. Too few Americans care.
Military spending. Not surprisingly given its love for guns, the US spends much more on its military than the rest of the world combined. Maybe its time to build one less aircraft carrier or heinously expensive jet fighter program and use the money to invest in public hospitals, education reform, public roads? Why is it that politicians who say “make better schools, not bombs” are considered unpatriotic?
Referring to America’s military expenditure in the last 30 years, President Jimmy Carter said:
"We have wasted, I think, $3 trillion. China has not wasted a single penny on war, and that''s why they''re ahead of us. In almost every way.
Three Trillion dollars. Imagine how many hospitals, staff, healthcare subsidies, jobs, teachers, public housing projects, etc. that could have been built using that money. But it seems Americans feel using it to bomb other countries and build more weapons are better “investments”.
Why are Americans more comfortable with spending trillions of dollars in military expenditure to make bombs and to kill people in other countries than using the money for the benefit of its own citizens in health care?


8. 美國是發達國家中與qiang支相關死亡人數最多的國家。截至3月1日,僅在2020年,也就是前兩個月,美國就有超過6457人死于qiang支暴力。很少有美國人關心這個問題。

9. 軍費開支?紤]到美國人對qiang支的熱愛,美國在軍事上的支出遠遠超過世界其他國家的總和,這并不奇怪。也許現在是時候少造一艘航空母艦或極其昂貴的噴氣式戰斗機項目了,然后把這些錢投資到公立醫院、教育改革和公共道路上?為什么說“建設更好的學校,而不是制造炸彈”的政客被認為是不愛國的?

10. 在談到美國過去30年的軍費開支時,吉米·卡特總統說: “我認為,我們已經浪費了3萬億美元。中國在戰爭上沒有浪費一分錢,這就是為什么他們領先我們的原因。幾乎每個方面都是如此。“
三萬億美元。想象一下,可以用這些錢來建設多少醫院、提供員工、醫療補貼、工作、教師、公共住房項目等。但美國人似乎覺得用它來轟炸其他國家和制造更多的武器是更好的“投資”。 為什么美國人更愿意把數萬億美元的軍費開支花在制造炸彈和殺害其他國家的人民上,而不是用這筆錢為本國公民的醫療保健服務買單?

Because America has the largest and most powerful military machine, it feels obliged to use it which has disastrous consequences. As the proverb goes, “If you are a hammer, you see every problem as a nail.” Did you know that America dropped as many bombs on Cambodia as it did against Nazi Germany? I would not be surprised if half of America can’t even find Cambodia or Iraq on the map. Stop invading other countries - its a ridiculous waste of money. US spent (estimated) one trillion dollars in its invasion and occupation of Iraq because its “Intelligence” Service, the Republican Party, and Fox News said they had WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction). Over 100,000 - 500,000 people died, not to mention the property damage. American foreign policy destabilized the entire region resulting in the rise of ISIS, radical religious groups, and resurgence in the strength of Iran. And now the Trump Administration wants to start a war with Iran? In the last 50 years, count how many times America has launched an expensive military action compared to China. The money spent could have been used to improve the lives of Americans at home - health care, aged care, public housing, Veterans’ welfare etc... Instead you use it to kill people in other lands and funding wars from Latin America to East Asia. If you keep on shooting yourself in your own foot, maybe its time to reconsider your whole attitude towards guns and military expenditure. It makes a lie of the belief that Democracy is peace-loving. Google The Thucydides Trap – Foreign Policy
If America can’t even fix its public education and health system and spends too much money on its military, its economy will regress. It’s not rocket science. You can’t have a world beating economy when your citizens are poorly educated and make unhealthy choices while you are spending a fortune on the military. This might sound too simple. But how about you give that a try first? Public education and healthcare systems takes government investment, it is strange that America can find extraordinary sums of money for foreign wars and military expenditure but not for the former. Just to put it in perspective, its air conditioning expenses in Iraq cost America $20 billion dollars a year. Wake up.
If you think reducing military expenditure makes you unpatriotic listen to President Eisenhower (Republican), who in WW2 helped led Allied forces to Victory over the Nazis as Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe (he was a General then). His eloquent speech should be memorised by all Americans citizens who want to make America great again. Made at a time when America was the predominant Superpower, he warned Americans about the need for balance and the growth of the military industry. If Ike was alive, he would be appalled by the state of the Republican party and country.

因為美國擁有最龐大也最強大的軍事機器,它覺得有義務使用它,這將帶來災難性的后果。正如諺語所說:“如果你是一把錘子,你會把所有的問題都看成釘子。”你知道美國投在柬埔寨的炸彈和投在納粹德國身上的炸彈一樣多嗎? 如果一半的美國人甚至在地圖上找不到柬埔寨或伊拉克,我也不會感到驚訝。停止侵略其他國家吧——這是一種荒謬的金錢浪費。

據估計,美國在入侵和占領伊拉克上花費了一萬億美元,就因為它的“情報”——共和黨和?怂拐f他們有大規模殺傷性武器。10萬至50萬人死亡,更不用說財產損失。美國的外交政策破壞了整個地區的穩定,導致激進宗教團體的崛起,以及伊朗實力的復蘇,F在特朗普政府想要和伊朗開戰? 與中國相比,在過去的50年里,美國發動了多少次昂貴的軍事行動。這些錢本可以用來改善美國人在家里的生活——醫療保健、老年人護理、公共住房、退伍軍人福利等等。




Which brings us to: Partisan Political in-fighting. Your government system is only as good as the people you elect. Bill Clinton was your last President to deliver a budget surplus and lowered the National Debt.
President Clinton oversaw a very robust economy during his tenure. The U.S. had strong economic growth (around 4% annually) and record job creation (22.7 million). He raised taxes on higher income taxpayers early in his first term and cut defense spending and welfare, which contributed to a rise in revenue and decline in spending relative to the size of the economy. These factors helped bring the United States federal budget into surplus from the fiscal year 1998 to 2001, the only surplus years after 1969. Debt held by the public, a primary measure of the national debt, fell relative to GDP throughout his two terms, from 47.8% in 1993 to 31.4% in 2001.
You would have thought that Americans would have regarded Clinton as a hero and denounced anyone who tried to pull him down. Instead, he was impeached by the Republicans because he lied about getting a sexual favor from another consenting adult. Seriously, is that it? They spend millions of dollars and their main evidence was a semen stained dress? The Republicans even had the gall to shutdown the US Government. You can google the people who went after him and the amount of money they used to bring him down. They include people like Newt Gringrich who discussed divorce with his wife while she was recovering from surgery in hospital; he is divorced three times btw. These are the same people who got you into the disastrous 2nd war with Iraq. They are also the same people who did their utmost to hamper and stonewall another President who tried to fix Healthcare and Gun Reform. They are the same people who are now supporting a President who openly colludes with Russia and who openly supports Putin over American Govt agencies. Republicans should have been up in arms over these appalling indiscretions. But they are not. There is no National Unity in the United States of America sadly. Its us vs them. The whole idea of the Public Good seems to have been lost in America. Lincoln and Ike would be rolling in their grave.
Abraham Lincoln, another Republican President, said this:
All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth … in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad.
Lincoln was keenly aware that divisions in American society if not properly managed would result in the destruction of American society: “A house divided will not stand.” Meanwhile, in 2020, we have Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate majority leader who blocked dozens of key legislation and even a Judicial appointment passed by the House purely on partisan lines. How shortsighted is that? Doesn’t it set an awful precedent? The Republicans in 2020 don’t care.
Today, America seems more concerned about the color of its politicians. For some reason President Obama was hated because he was black. So you voted for an orange one this time.


你可能會認為美國人會把克林頓視為英雄,并譴責任何試圖把他拉下馬的人。恰恰相反,他被共和黨人彈劾,因為他謊稱從另一名自愿的成年人那里得到了性方面的幫助。真的嗎?他們花了數百萬美元,而他們的主要證據是一條沾有精液的裙子?共和黨人甚至厚著臉皮關閉了美國政府。你可以谷歌,那些拉他下馬的人用了多少錢才把他打倒。這包括像紐特·格林里奇(Newt Gringrich)這樣的人,當他的妻子從醫院的手術中恢復時,他與她討論離婚。他已經離過三次婚了。正是這些人讓你卷入了災難性的第二次伊拉克戰爭。


林肯敏銳地意識到,美國社會的分裂如果得不到妥善處理,將會導致美國社會的毀滅:“一棟分裂的房子是站不住腳的。” 與此同時,在2020年,我們有共和黨參議院多數黨領袖明奇·麥康奈爾(Mitch McConnell),他阻止了數十項關鍵立法,甚至還阻止了眾議院純粹出于黨派原因而通過的一項司法任命。這是多么短視啊?這不是開了一個糟糕的先例嗎?但2020年的共和黨人不在乎。

He got impeached as well, and not for lying about getting a blow job. And unlike Clinton or Obama however, the National Debt under President Trump has risen well over $20 TRILLION DOLLARS.
The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated in April 2018 that implementing the Tax Act would add an estimated $2.289 trillion to the national debt over ten years, or about $1.891 trillion ($15,000 per household) after taking into account macroeconomic feedback effects, in addition to the $9.8 trillion increase forecast under the current policy baseline and existing $20 trillion national debt. Debt held by the public as a percentage of GDP would rise from around 77% GDP in 2017 to as much as 105% GDP by 2028.
This should frighten you America, stop worrying about China. But since you aren’t doing so well at math, maybe that’s why you don’t realise the extent of the problem.
Choose your leaders carefully and wisely. Compare Eisenhower, a Republican President, with your current President. How do they measure up?
You are a Democracy. You elect these people; don’t blame the media or “China”.
How did you get from this:
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Former General of the US Army he served with great distinction in the military notably in WW2. America elected him as President in 1952 which he won in a landslide. He helped to introduce desegregation in America. He built the national highway system. Emphasising the need for balance in US Society and bi-partisanship in politics he led America into an economic period which was known as the Long Boom, one of the longest and greatest periods of economic prosperity America has known. America was great then. He was thoughtful, intelligent and he cared deeply about his country, and its citizens, a patriot. He was also a Republican.




Donald Trump
Born into a rich family, avoided the Vietnam War draft 5 times by claiming he had bone spurs in his feet, Trump is a bankrupt casino owner who did not pay a lot of his workers by threatening legal action. He is infamous for his narcissistic behaviour and shameless self-promotion. He spends most of his time playing golf and tweeting stuff which suspiciously move the stockmarket. He got into office with a promise to “drain the swamp”, yet, Trump voted to lower taxes on the mega rich. His numerous lies, indiscretions, appalling behaviour do not faze his supporters in the Republican Party.
So how did America (and the Republican Party) descend from having as leader - Eisenhower, a highly distinguished military officer, to Trump, a draft dodger, bankrupt casino owner who bragged that he deserved a medal for not getting herpes because he avoided the draft 5 times and could stay in NYC to have sex? Trump even mocked a decorated war veteran calling him “a loser” for getting shot down in battle.
Forget about the Democrats. Wasn’t there anyone else in the Republican Party more worthy for the job?
That - from Eisenhower to Trump - is the perfect metaphor for the decline of America (and the Republican Party).



Please note: I did not say that China is “perfect” and not without faults. We all know its got a lot of faults too.
But you don’t get better by pointing out the faults of others do you? Imagine if your favourite sports team is losing and then it excuses itself by detailing the opposing team’s problems. You would think they had gone insane.
I make these points because as much as America (and Europe) like to complain about “China”, it just serves to distract them from their own pressing problems.
So I repeat again: If America can’t even fix its health system, reform its public school education, even do simple practical gun reform, can’t be bothered to vote for reasonably good leaders how do you expect to be a successful nation much less “beat China”?
When a quarter or more of America’s citizens are obese, poorly educated, and make daily unhealthy choices its economy will suffer.
Isn’t that obvious? Fix this before you whine about China.
You get better by getting better.
That means better schools, better healthcare systems, better housing policies, better public transport, better public roads etc.. The same mentality that is devoted to building the best weapons should also be devoted towards building public infrastructure that helps the nation as a whole, not for making a sext few individuals mega rich.
Public education, transport, housing, and healthcare systems (like the military) take government investment and planning. It is bemusing to find the same people calling for “smaller government” (and less govt funding for education, housing, transport etc..) are also the same people demanding bigger spending on the military. That makes no sense. The military is an expense. The cost should be kept down. If you want a small govt, you should, by default, also want a small military.




What do you call a small Government with an extraordinary big Military and a few extraordinarily rich individuals?
Doesn’t it resemble a feudal kingdom than a modern democracy? How did America who fought to overthrow the “tyranny” of a King transform itself into the very thing it claimed to hate?
I leave you with a quote from Eisenhower, one of the best Presidents America has had, and, yes, a Republican.
Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. It is some fifty miles of concrete pavement. We pay for a single fighter with a half-million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people. . . . This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron. (Dwight D. Eisenhower, Republican, President of the USA, former 5-star General US Army, Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe, helped to defeat the Nazis.)


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